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Nora Akhbari

Nader has been selling real estate for at least 19 years in Residential & Commercial Real Estate in Ontario. He places himself in your shoes to ensure that you are treated honestly, professionally and as he would expect to be treated. 80% of his business is repeat or referral, the proof that he provides excellent personal service. He believes in the "client for life" philosophy. It is much easier to keep a client than get a new one!

Degrees and Qualifications:
• Master degree in Engineering from London, England
• Prior to his real estate carrier Nader was running his own marketing independent company for the 5 years in Toronto
• In addition Nader has strong background in real estate investment analysis
• Courses in appraisal principles sponsored by the Appraisal Institute of Canada
• Principal of mortgage financing
• Real estate law
• Real estate brokerage
• Mortgage brokerage

Course in:
• Real Estate law
• Property management
• Mortgage Brokerage
• Computer
• Art and design
• Real Estate Financing
• Real Estate Appraisal
• Real Estate Brokerage
• Negotiation Skills

Most of Nader's business is repeating or referral generated, but like people everywhere, he is looking to expand his business. If you are new in town, moving to town or just looking for another opinion, call Nader at: (416)402-5555.

Nader Akhbari, Broker of Record
Direct: (416)402-5555
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